Cool sound apps!

Two sound apps for this season!

While the last details for Orbita are underway, we’re thinking of creating a web app – an Orbita-focused piece of software that’d showcase the device’s potential – in simple, fun, and ingenious ways.

Through the MIDI protocol, Orbita will be compatible with a myriad of music apps of any level of sophistication. However, wouldn’t it be cool to have a customized Orbita app?

source: Euclidean sequencer plugin

By the way, thank you so much for sharing your ideas on what you want this app to be. We really appreciate the depth of your involvement and took lots of notes!

Below, we’ll tell you about two apps from our state-of-the-art research, and none of it is advertising – just sharing our thoughts!


Most of us in Playtronica are in the Northern hemisphere, so as we transition from summer to autumn, we’re enjoying the change of the colours around us. Obviously, we can’t help but wonder how they sound.

Despite some promising reviews on the web, we’ve only found one app that can help us hear the sounds around us. It’s called – you guessed it – Color to Sound and costs about $1.50. Take a look at us testing it in a cat garden, museum, and carpet market.


The experience is super fun, but the sounds are pretty basic. With Orbita, you’ll be able to choose from the variety of pre-recorded sounds or make your own!


Our favourite mobile app for quickly creating our own sounds is the Koala sampler (around $5). A while back, we even made a tutorial about how to use Koala and Playtron!

That’s it for today! Hope the rest of your week is full of colourful sounds!


Playtronica team