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Measures intensity of touch between people and turns it into sound. Simple and intuitive interface for exploring tactility.

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Connect 16 objects, pick a sound for each, play music by yourself or with friends. The musical tool for invention and education.

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TouchMe is designed for two objects or two people. When the intensity (area) of the touch changes, the pitch of the note changes. You can choose the key and frets to adjust to the composition.

Playtron is created to play on up to 16 objects; each has its note, which does not change depending on the touch. This way, you can make a musical keyboard from any conductive objects.

TouchMe device is more of a sensory music gadget where the pitch of the note changes depending on your touch's intensity, while Playtron is making a keyboard out of conductive objects.

Don't worry! Our devices are not as fragile as they look! They are long-lasting and can withstand pressure.

We chose bare PCB to preserve the functionality of the design and DIY aesthetics. They also make our devices more eco-friendly, and show that electronics are pretty straightforward.

Sure! The MIDI-controller works with every musical program, and the sound choice is not limited.

No! You can use a PC, a tablet, or  a smartphone. You also need a USB-adapter and a musical app, such as GarageBand, for example.

Definitely not! The current impulse is so slight that it can't influence your health.


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We inspire curious minds to create and explore their environments through interactive musical experiences.

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Playtronica takes a magical, mind-expanding approach to sound-making and musical experimentation that feels whimsical, but always welcoming.

It's exciting to think where they'll go next, pushing the frontiers of sound creation!

Andrew VanWyngarden, MGMT

Playtronica is a delightful group of creators, educators and artistic minds.

Their MIDI controllers are quick and lovely to use and have the ability to bring people together literally.

Cuckoo, YouTube channel True Cuckoo
Music gear blogger

I haven't played music in a decade, but Playtronica makes it fun again.

Remixes are fun, I enjoy the creativity in thinking which song to use, splitting it into samples, and which materials to use in bringing it to life.

Blake Byles
Musical innovator

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