Playtronica is both a community and a startup. We are a collective of artists and engineers from different walks of life spread around the globe. We do everything from building devices to producing interactive events and installations – projects that may last for hours or years.

Our story started in the early 2013, when we held music workshops for children and performed at music and science festivals. In 2016 we released the Playtron device - it allows you to play on any object that conducts electricity, as on a piano keyboard. In 2018 a second device, TouchMe, appeared, which allows to play music on skin.

Now we have offices in Berlin and Paris.

Watch quick explainers about devices we’ve released so far.


Our work has taken us across the world – from the Centre Pompidou in Paris to the Exploratorium in San Francisco. We also collaborate with brands on engagement and interaction projects. We’ve worked for Nike, Boeing, Mercedes Benz, Google, Ikea, and many more. 


Watch the installations with TouchMe ᐅ

Watch the installations with Playtron ᐅ