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Play on fruits as on a piano keyboard with Playtron.

Connect up to 16 objects, pick any sound for each using online synths, and have fun! The musical notes for each object are stable and don't change with the intensity of touch. 

Easy to get started! You need a PC, tablet, or smartphone, as well as a Playtron and up to 16 objects that can conduct electricity.

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    The kit includes

    ● Playtron MIDI controller

    ● USB cable

    ● 18 alligator clips

    ● A storage envelope

    ● A set of stickers

    How to start

    ● Connect Playtron to a PC, tablet, or smartphone with USB-cable

    ● Open our synth site using Google Chrome browser.

    You can also use any sound or sample in Ableton, GarageBand, Logic etc.

    ● Connect alligator clips to Playtron and conductive objects (fruits, vegetables) as shown on the image.

    ● Touch the ground connection (sharp gold corner) and start playing on objects!


    ● Play music on fruits and vegetables. Attach alligator clips to fruits and choose sound using online synth. Don't forget to touch the ground connection. Start having fun!

    ● Play music on jelly. Put alligator clips into jelly. Select sound using online synth. Touch the ground connection of Playtron. Here you are!


    Playtronica takes a magical, mind-expanding approach to sound-making and musical experimentation that feels whimsical, but always welcoming.

    It's exciting to think where they'll go next, pushing the frontiers of sound creation!

    Andrew VanWyngarden, MGMT

    Playtronica is a delightful group of creators, educators and artistic minds.

    Their MIDI controllers are quick and lovely to use and have the ability to bring people together literally.

    Cuckoo, YouTube channel True Cuckoo
    Music gear blogger