Get Relaxed with Orbita 🧘

Hello hello!

Let’s talk about the joy that is repetition in music. It’s an ancient idea, which runs across every culture on Earth: repeating sounds have a peaceful, hypnotic effect on people. Look at a lullaby, for example. In different parts of the world, they share the same elements. Why? Because a soft voice, a repetitive melody and rhythm are believed to be calming to a restless child. Colwyn Trevarthen, a professor of child psychology, believes that the parents and their newborns instinctively “get in the groove” together. 

Just look at this communication from our newest Playtronist, Lev, and his mother OMMA. That’s Mumbient for you (do see what we did there?) 😉


OMMA connected Orbita directly to her favorite synth (Electron Digitone) and sourced her sounds from there. Since another foundational element of a lullaby is improvisation, she changes sounds on the fly! Orbita is just perfect for doing just that!

By the way, previously OMMA used one of the earlier iterations of Orbita (called Tone) in her music video, Teplo. Pay attention and you’ll notice other Playtronica devices there too: Playtron, TouchMe, and the yet unreleased Pulse!