Playtronica Paris Division

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In this post, we’re exploring our Parisian chapter a little deeper. They bring Playtronica to the festivals, make interactive installations in museums, and collaborate with large brands.

First, the main suspects:


OMMA is our Sound Director and a pioneer of Playtronica. She’s been here from the start, taking part in ideation, testing, and using all the devices we make.

An independent music producer, OMMA has released 3 albums and has collaborated with numerous artists all over the world, including MGMT. In this music video, she uses 4 of our devices, including an early prototype of Orbita.


Vincent is our Events Manager – one who managed to get us gigs even in 2020. His multiple talents leave Vincent no spare time. He plays synths in several bands and makes documentaries (take a look at this one about Parisian nightlife).

And now to our favorite projects from France!


Remember festivals? Way back then OMMA and Vincent performed in a Playtronica-charged band 16 Pineapples – together with French popstar Miel de Montagne and later with Charles Monnier. They could rock any venue, from a rave to an Opera de Rennes!


Our biggest achievement to date is probably the exhibition at the Centre Pompidou in 2018, in collaboration with Zu Kalinowska. By the way, there we presented an earlier version of Orbita – 💫ЭЛЕКTRON💫!

Any visitor could become a space DJ by arranging the pieces of paper on the turntables. Colors turned into tones, shapes – into rhythmic patterns.


Through the Parisian division, we collaborated with such brands as Issey Miyake and Timberland. But our favorite project was setting up an entire Playtronica orchestra for a Hermes store opening in New York.

This is it for today!

Take care of you and yours,
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