A New Amazing Project — "Seeing Sound" — First Episode

We started a podcast! And the name? ‘Seeing Sound’!

It’s about the ideas that inspire our work – synesthesia, technology, and specifically the connection between audial and visual art. You can listen to it on this website or all the major podcast platforms.


After more than a year of deprivation, we were craving to meet new people and share ideas.

Over the course of five episodes, ‘Seeing Sound’ will explore the world through the eyes and ears of the leading musicians, filmmakers, and thinkers. The first episode is about film soundtracks, and features the legendary Peter Strickland and Jim O’Rourke.

(photo source: telegraph.co.uk; uncut.co.uk)

It was important for us to turn these interviews into compelling and immersive audio stories – with sound design and field recordings. So, we teamed up with experienced podcaster, Paul Hanford, from the Lost and Sound podcast.

(photo source: twitter.com)

Complementing the podcast, ‘Seeing Sound’ includes a web app where you can ‘remix’ the audio and video art online. You can also scroll through the story of audial and visual synesthesia in famous people.

A new episode of the podcast comes every week. So stay tuned!