What is synesthesia?

Hi hi! Portrait XO visited our studio and brought delicious musical tastes and synesthesia with her!

Portrait XO is the inaugural resident artist at Factory Berlin. She uses her angelic voice and soulful melodies to explore the musical edges of VR/XR, AI, and other new media. Also, she hears food (say what?!)

(photo source: berlin-losangeles.com)

Synesthesia is an involuntary mixture of senses – like associating colours with numbers, for example. Portrait XO believes that everyone is born synesthetic and with performances like this one, she hopes to help people re-learn the ability to multi-sense.

So, how does she hear food? Well, to her, lemon is high-pitch and peanut butter is bass. There is texture and tempo in both music and food. So, sensations like crunch and temperature can reflect the speed and variability of different sounds. There is also the colour in Portrait XO’s music-taste associations. That’s why she is preparing a special sample pack for Orbita.

Watch synesthesia live performance with Portrait XO below!


Soon we will launch Orbita campaign on Kickstarter. So stay tuned!