Use Orbita with Tablet, DAW or Online Apps!

Today, we want to show you some different ways of controlling basic parameters on an Orbita.

Orbita is compatible with your tablet!

If you want to take Orbita for an outing, a tablet is a perfect companion. It’s compact, but the screen is still big enough for a complex music-making app. We used an iPad.

Orbita is compatible with your synth!

We generated sounds on the Buchla iPad app; triggered by the Orbita sequencer for a streamlined but dynamic jam session.

Orbita is compatible with your DAW and a myriad of apps!

Orbita’s four midi channels work perfectly within your chosen music app or DAW for a tight multi-instrument sequence that you can easily visualize and adjust on the fly.

You can combine the functionality of Orbita with the functionality of whatever you pair it with!

For example, here, Jesse controls the Orbita’s rotation speed with a knob and adjusts the modulation settings and filters of the synth in the iPad app. We love all things tactile, and the ability to interact directly with a touch-sensitive user interface is definitely a cool feature.


And this is the manual mode – Jesse changes the speed and direction of the melody by moving the plate with his hand. When he gives it a spin, it fades in and out nicely, giving us a feel of a real musical instrument. Meanwhile, in the iPad app, he is experimenting with the Orbita notes triggering the synth settings. 



 That’s it for today!