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Issey Miyake: A Wood and a Rose

Issey Miyake’s world is very pure, minimalistic, and organic. Based on that we created a narrative audio path according to his world. We started from water drop sounds that evolve through the touch of flowers, wood, lemons bringing all the essences composing the perfume to life.


Fashion Week in Paris: Fashion that Sounds

Put designer clothes on the list of things that we turn into music instruments! By walking on a metal strip and touching the metal-reinforced garments, we lock an electrical chain and evoke the noises of textile industry. Performance at Palais de Tokyo in collaboration with Alice Giudicenti, Alexandre Silberstein, and Corentin Still from Side Project.


Is She a Cyborg?

Interactive sound sculpture plays music when people touch it. The sound is generated by an algorithm programmed with Ableton live software. People can modify the form of the sculpture as it is made from different colors plasticine. The project was a creative collaboration between Playtronica, Perfect Number collective and sculptor Franz Rodwalt.


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