Pre-order MIDI controller Playtron
Turn any object into sound!


We've had a good month and sold out all Playtrons... But you can pre-order for 20th of October.

Playtron is a new type of music device.

We usually connect it to fruits and play electronic music using online synthesizers. But you can use it with any music software, and conductive objects.

Delivery is free and online support is responis.
What's included & how it works
You'll get:
  • Playtron MIDI controller
  • USB cable + 18 alligator wires for objects
  • manual and cool envelope for storage
  • tutorials from our team. We are constantly developing the product, releasing videos
  • responsive online support from our team
How it works:
All you need is a computer, our device and your body. Trust us, it is super easy - no music knowledge needed.
Get a conductive object (that is something that can let electricity through) and use it as a music note. Wires, plants, fruits&veggies, graphite, conductive fabric, so many options…

This is the first step into electronics, a toy for kids and grown-up kids, and a serious musical instrument also! A perfect present for all.

Here is a YouTube playlist for you, also check out our Instagram. And don't be shy to contact us!
How to start
  • Connect Playtron to a computer with USB-cable
  • Open or one of our synths in Chrome browser - you don't even need special software if you don't know how to use it! Or use any sound or sample in Ableton, GarageBand, FL Studio, Logic etc.
  • Connect alligator wires as shown on the image
  • Complete the circuit by touching the ground wire with one hand and note wire with another
  • Alright, now you hear a sound and see light flashing on the device!
  • Now connect all other notes to conductive objects, for example, fruits and vegetables!
Q: How long does the delivery take?
A: Usually under two weeks. You will get automatic update about each part of your order's journey.

Q: Can I choose my own sounds?
A: Of course! You can use practically any music software and create your own sound.

Q: Does it work with iOS?
A: All you need is Apple Lightning to USB Camera Adapter and musical app, for example GarageBand.

Q: What is the difference between Playtron and TouchMe?
A: Playtron has 16 on/off contacts, each for a separate object and separate sound. TouchMe is for a single object that gives multiple music notes depending on the intensity of touch, for example between two people.

Q: I still don't understand how it works!
A: Just message us, we're happy to chat to you.

Q: I'm having trouble with your website.
A: Please contact us on, we will help you out.
Playtronica takes a magical, mind-expanding approach to sound-making and musical experimentation that feels whimsical, but always welcoming. It's exciting to think where they'll go next, pushing the frontiers of sound creation!
Leading Youtuber on musical technology, cuckoomusic
Playtronica is a delightful group of creators, educators and artistic minds. Their MIDI controllers are quick and lovely to use, and have the ability to literally bring people together
Kirill Ivanov
Lead singer, СБПЧ
Happiners, joy and entertainment and surprising feeling of being terribly busy while doing absolutely nothing.

Want more human connection?
TouchMe - music on human skin
Change sound using intensity of your interaction.
Instead of 16 on/off contacts that you get with Playtron, here you have two contacts that measure the intensity of the touch - it's surface area, muscle tension and humidity.
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